Tervetuloa keskustelemaan ennakoinnista työpajaamme Constructing Social Futures -kesäkonferenssissa 13.6.2019 Turussa

Ennakointi 2020-hanke järjestää erityissession teemalla ”Sharing knowledge on networked foresight” Tulevaisuuden tutkimuskeskuksen Constructing Social Futures -kesäkonferenssissa Turun Logomossa 12-13.6.2019. Sessio pidetään to 13.6.2019 klo 9.00-10.30. Sessio on avoin kaikille konferenssiosallistujille. Lisätietoa konferenssista täältä. Toivomme, että tulet mukaan jakamaan kokemuksia ja ajatuksia ennakoinnista!

National Foresight 2020 Special Session: Sharing knowledge on networked foresight

This special session is an opportunity to share knowledge and best practices on networked foresight systems and particularly national foresight. Finland is often seen as a model example for utilizing foresight in public policy planning. The Finnish national foresight system consists of foresight work done by various actors at the levels of local government and national government and coordinated by the Foresight Steering Group. In 2014, the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office established a national foresight approach. We are currently in the process of developing an overview of the interlinked foresight actors and processes and recommending improvements in our research project “National Foresight 2020 – Mapping of the ecosystem, evaluation of foresight maturity and future recommendations” funded by the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office 2019–2020.

Even though Finland has many institutions and processes in place for national foresight, we can learn much from international experiences and comparison points. On the other hand, other countries and other actors coordinating networked foresight can learn a great deal from recent Finnish experiences. Therefore we conduct a participatory workshop session on networked foresight and national foresight which is open to all conference participants interested in the topics, regardless of their experience or expertise on national foresight. In the session, we will collect and share experiences in a systematic way, which allows participants to learn from best practices and also take a critical comparative look on their own foresight work.